The production of flotation machines depends on the help of agents


Be patient when doing things, most people understand this truth. But the price of flotation machine, when we are really committed to things, we often make mistakes. The flotation machine just bought is patient. You can buy the flotation machine without starting production. Everyone must understand this truth. If you want to buy a new car, do you have to say that you can buy it without opening it? But it can’t be too long, because it’s a new car. After the car’s parts are up and running, it’s easy to open for a long time, and the life of the internal components will affect the life of the internal components. When we say today’s flotation machine, the problem is to restore it. We hope you can understand. The concentration of coal slurry is higher, the outlet pressure of the flotation machine impeller increases, the resistance of coal slurry increases from the impeller, and the gas-containing coal slurry increases, and the suction power of the flotation machine decreases, as shown in Figure 4.

The price of flotation machine in detail, the production of flotation machine depends on the help of agents, should choose to have more pharmacists, pharmacies, water or something to have a very large training. The mixing intensity of the adjustment tank depends on the impeller speed. The higher the impeller speed, the greater the mixing intensity. It is good to increase the stirring intensity appropriately, but not too much. If it is strong, low power consumption and wear of the equipment will increase, and the degree of clay particles will increase, which will cause the ore particles that have been connected to the bubbles to fall off. At the same time, the mixing time is related to the use and properties of the drug. For example, when sodium sulfide is used to sulfide non-ferrous metal oxide ore, the stirring time should be appropriate, if the time is too short, the vulcanization is insufficient, and the time is too long, and the sodium sulfide oxidation will fail. After the coal slurry concentration increases, the plant ash also increases, which means that combustible mineral plants are becoming more and more polluted. It can be seen from Figure 4 that the concentration of coal slurry increases from 100 to 200 liters, and the removal rate of combustible mixture decreases.