Flotation machine is important, in addition to the quality of the equipment itself


At the same time, when the center of the impeller of the BF flotation machine equipment of the pulp is suitable, it is your big one. But when the blade, when it exceeds the production capacity of the impeller, it can block the pulp cylinder, it is difficult to inhale, and you fall. Your big large amount of internal pulp circulation. Divided into air bubbles, evenly distributed in the pulp, the gap between the cover and the impeller gap is large, which is your reduction, but too small the gap will cause the impeller and the cover plate to collide and rub, and make your fall.

Speaking of flotation machine equipment, it is! Flotation machine equipment with a full set of processing equipment is the icing on the cake, which not only greatly improves the efficiency of the entire process of beneficiation, but also uses flotation machines for flotation of copper, zinc and other non-ferrous metals It is powerful, and the flotation machine equipment can also be coarse and selection of ferrous metals and non-metals. The prompt height can reach tens of meters to hundreds of meters. The length is usually a few hundred meters to tens of kilometers. Hundreds of kilometers. Techniques come in many shapes: some people like desks or tables. It is called a flat top iceberg, which is somewhat like a pyramid. The flotation machine is important except for the quality of the equipment itself and the flotation reagent. The production of different ore flotation reagents and flotation reagents are vital to the flotation operation of flotation machine equipment. The correct choice of flotation reagent can improve the influence of flotation technology. Kunshan Gold Mine beneficiation equipment manufacturers specialize in the production of flotation tanks, Jiangxi flotation machines, mechanical stirring flotation machines,